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Anonymous sent: Hey Andy, are you doin' ok? I'd love to see more art from you and if you don't feel like drawing, that is totally fine. Even just little text posts now and then would be great. You are very talented and seem like a really nice person so I hope everything is fine. Have a nice day/night!

ahhh Im really sorry for lack of updates ; w ; Everythings okay on my end tho other than being a lil busy…. Im just having trouble thinking of what to draw I guess ?? `w` Thanks for your concern tho <3

Anonymous sent: Your art is so wonderful! It's actually inspired me to get back into drawing! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

ahh thats great to hear !! thank you ! ; w ;

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I never draw Quin and Imani together so i didcharacters © to myself and razzda​ 
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Well, u’ve actually got a full view artwork from me@w@i was made this for 團兵幸福委員會♥ ErwinxLevi Anthology But since this art is too angst n tragic for the book, we decided to submit different eruri art~So, yeah enjoy the eruri angst from me coz I loooveee the pain. and it would be perfect if u listen to this too»&gt; Sigur Rós - The Rains of Castamere, coz i was listening to that song on repeat when i’m making this art~:D
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Anonymous sent: hey andy, do you ever plan on doing a live stream sometime? i'd love to see you draw! c:

Im trying to work up the courage to do so hahah… maybe s-someday..

idk what I would do tho, probably colouring, maybe lining cause Im too nervous to actually draw in front of people… ;;;;