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Thank you to those of you who wished me a happy birthday on anon ! Im sorry Im not able to reply to you all individually ; w ;

Anonymous sent: my birthday was yesterday too! happy late birthday!

ahh, well happy belated birthday to you too ! `w`

Anonymous sent: when's your birthday?

yesterday lol


happy birthday ds!!!!
youre really cool yo uvu

AHH THANK YOU !! thats adorable haha ; w ;
high resolution →

Happy Easter !

Anonymous sent: i don't think you understand how much i love your art style and the way you draw eruri. seriously i'm attracted to your erwin. and i don't care if you didn't draw for a while because when i see your art i'm happy and i want to you keep drawing even stupid things cuz you're my senpai and ily~ bye

jjdfghjhsda a-ahhhh thank you so much ! ;// W //;

Anonymous sent: why you never draw Armin? :c

I actually have drawn Armin quite a few times …..thoooo I just realized I never posted any of them lol

I dont really have anything decent of him to post rn, but heres this chibi I forgot to post on christmas cause it was kinda boring

Anonymous sent: haven't seen you in a while, darling. is everything going alright on your end of the internet?

Im just fine, thank you ; w ; Im just really uninspired atm

also, anyone can feel free to drop drawing suggestions by me anytime !